Designer and Photographer for Tea Shrine restaurant in Australia's red center Alice Springs. Drink menu design and photography for a 90cm x180cm big board.
Beryl Chen Reel 2016 Compositing, visual effects design, animation, and personal travel video
Photography Photos were taken in New Zealand, both south and north island. Camera: Cannon 5D Mark 3
Video and Photography Responsibilities: Videography, Editing, and Color Grading
Responsibilities: Designed and animated loop Software: Adobe After Effects
Responsibilities: Visual Effects and Design
Responsibilities: Designed and animated title cards Software: Adobe After Effects
Digital Photography Photos were taken in Taiwan. Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
Photography Alice Springs collages
Illustration Expressing emotions by abstract elements
Video and Photography Responsibilities: Directing, Editing, and Color Grading
Music Video/ Short Film Role: Director, Editor, and Post Visual Artist Two musicians narrate the story of their own concert-hall dreams.
Animated Short Film Role: Director, Editor, Illustrator, and Animator Fork In the Sky is an animation that explores the effect that simple daily choices have on the larger outcome of a person’s life.