Reel 2016

Collection of works in Feature Film, TV show, Commercial, Music Video, and personal travel video

Production companies and agencies: Mr.X, 1stAveMachine, Chrlx, Hogarth
Film and TV show projects: Narcos, Zoolander 2
Commercial clients: Qualcomm, TSMC, Colgate, HTC, HP, Subway, Truvia 
Music video project: Skyline by Low City
Responsibilities: Compositing, Visual Effects and Design, Animation

Reel Breakdown is available upon request.

Other Beryl Chen Works

The Tuscan Workshops
Original music and sound mix by Geoff Gersh Video by Beryl Chen
Happening Somewhere
Illustration Expressing emotions by abstract elements
Alice Springs Collage
Photography Alice Springs collages
Nature in New Zealand
Photography Photos were taken in New Zealand, both south and north island. Camera: Cannon 5D Mark 3
Photography Photos were taken in Taiwan. Camera: Phone Camera Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
Dancing Dream
Role: Director, Editor, and Post visual artist Two musicians narrate the story of their own concert-hall dreams.
Skyline by Low City
Responsibilities: Visual Effects and Design
New York Guqin School
Video and Photography Responsibilities: Directing, Editing, Color Grading
Fork In The Sky
Role: Director, Editor, Illustrator, Animator Fork In the Sky is an animation that explores the effect that simple daily choices have on the larger outcome of a person’s life.
Qualcomm' s CES: Title Cards
Responsibilities: Designed and Animated title cards Software: Adobe After Effects
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