Reel 2016

A collection of my works in feature film, TV show, commercial, and music video.
Travel videos are also included in the introduction and outroduction.
Production companies and agencies: Mr.X, 1stAveMachine, Chrlx, and Hogarth
Film and TV show: Narcos and Zoolander 2
Commercial clients: Qualcomm, TSMC, Colgate, HTC, HP, Subway, and Truvia 
Music video: Skyline by Low City
My responsibilities in the projects: Compositing, Visual Effects Design, and Animation
Reel breakdown is available upon request.
Music: Libertango by Astor Piazzolla

Other Beryl Chen Works

Coke Fuze
Role: Compositor Compositing Software: Nuke
Alice Springs Collage
Photography Alice Springs collages
Qualcomm's CES: Environmental Loop
Responsibilities: Designed and animated loop Software: Adobe After Effects
Natural: The One
Photos were taken in Taiwan. Camera: Iphone Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Nuke.
Cadilac Director's Cut
Role: Retouching and 2D Tracking Software: Nuke
HP Ink: Birthday
Role: Compositor Compositing Software: Nuke Produced at 1stAveMachine
Nature in New Zealand
Photography Photos were taken in New Zealand, both south and north island. Camera: Cannon 5D Mark 3
Skyline by Low City
Responsibilities: Visual Effects and Design
Truvia: Kitchen
Role: Compositor and Matte Painter Compositing Software: Nuke Matte Painting Software: Photoshop Produced at 1stAveMachine
The Tuscan Workshops
Video and Photography Responsibilities: Videography, Editing, and Color Grading
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